I have a memorandum with Hurşit Nallı, the Director of Bademli Nursery Agricultural Development Cooperative about the purchase and cultivation of saplings.
Uzbekistan President Şevket Mirziyoyev made a statement during his visit to the farmers in the city of Nemengan in the Fergana valley in 2017, saying, "We should turn to the production of vegetables and fruits, which we can make much more profit instead of cotton. Our producers cannot get the return they deserve for their labor."

Uzbekistan Exporters Union Chairman of Turkey to provide support for fruit production in Uzbekistan / New Way Group CEO Bakhtiar Kalandarova, Almond operating for 52 years in Izmir Sapling he had a meeting on seedlings buying and breeding Agricultural Cooperative Development Director Hurşit Nallı.

During the meeting, the issues of determining the fruit saplings to be grown in the Uzbekistan climate and training the necessary personnel to obtain the highest yield from these saplings were discussed.
At the end of the meeting, a memorandum was signed between the parties.
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