New Way Group is name of business success that comprises around the globe with one end in Turkey and another in Uzbekistan. Our journey began with New Way Foreign Trade determining trust and stability in trade as top priority. Activities continued with establishment of Big Way Logistics that aims to become leader in international transportation. Trans Development Service was founded for corporate partnership established in global world. Terra Textile was founded with aim and idea of becoming a leader in export and import from machinery to spare parts, from yarn to dye in textile industry. Unity of power was aimed by gathering these four companies conducting activities in important fields within NEW WAY GROUP. Reliability, sustainability, and satisfaction-oriented trade understanding has always been accepted as top priority in our business, trade, and partnership.
QUALITY Quality is the first and most important condition in services we provide, and all products that we produce. All products we export and import meet international quality standards.
TRUST “Trust” has crucial importance in international trade. We are a company that observes all legal and economic agreements and rules, as well as commercial ethics such as respect, trust, care, and confidence.
STABILITY We will continue to fulfill all our obligations to our partners and business parties completely, fully and in the most correct way not only in today's conditions, but at all times.
SATISFACTION We adopt “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction” as basic principle, and apply Total Quality Management principles to ensure customer satisfaction.

CEO of New Way Group, along with this Business Ambassador of the Association of Exporters of Uzbekistan, Bakhtiyar Kalandarov, held a meeting with the head of TARIMKON Hakan Yuksel
Memorandum of purchase and cultivation of seedlings with the participation of the General Director of the agricultural development and horticulture company “Bademli Fidancılık Tarımsal Kalkınma Kooperatif” Khurshid Nаllı.
Opening of the 18th international exhibition "MUSIAD EXPO 2020"
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