We hereby inform you that «AB SINERJI TEKSTIL VE TICARET LIMITED ŞIRKETI» is engaged in the design, manufacture and export of textile equipment for textile industries, such as knitting and woven fabrics, dyeing of knitted and woven fabrics, sewing production and «turnkey construction works» in industrial facilities in the field of textiles. During our activity, we have completed a number of large projects in the textile industry. We would like to note that the employees of our company are professional specialists in the choice of textile equipment (knitting fabric, dyeing and finishing fabric, sewing production) and in the field of consulting services. Also, we offer consulting services of foreign experts.

We offer a wide range of services to our regular customers, among which we would like to highlight:
– Equipment for fabric dyeing, yarn dyeing, equipment for bleaching and drying, tumble dryers, as well as the supply of spare parts and consumables (Turkey)
– Automatic laboratory dosing systems for dyeing and chemicals (Turkey);
– Finishing equipment (Italy);
– Equipment for garment factories (Turkey);
– ERP program for production management (Turkey);
– Industrial boilers and fans (Turkey);
– Equipment for quality control of the fabric and packaging (Turkey);
– Systems for wastewater treatment and water softening (Turkey).

Comprehensive work on projects for the construction of the technological chain of knitting, sewing equipment manufactured by European and Turkish origin

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