Trading company NEW WAY DIŞ TİCARET LTD. ŞTİ. was founded with the aim of developing and improving trade relations between Turkish and foreign buyers and sellers of various goods.

We work with manufacturing companies and distributors throughout Turkey and abroad, which provide us with a strong position in the Turkish market. This helps to improve relations between Turkish and foreign trade participants.

Thanks to our experience in Turkey, we know:
what goods and products are in demand today;
what factors influence activities of trading companies - importers and exporters;
under what conditions are trading companies able to complete transactions and achieve the maximum results;
specifics of Turkish tax and customs legislation, on which activities of importers and exporters significantly depend.

Our mission
Our trading company is committed to providing necessary goods and services for international and domestic customers and partners in a timely manner and at affordable prices. We are proud of our role in trade relations and do everything in our power to provide top-level services and maintain good relations with companies that participate in export and import operations with Turkey.

NEW WAY DIŞ TİCARET LTD. ŞTİ. is an exporter and importer. We specialize in various types of goods - mineral resources, chemical products, construction materials, etc.

The company has been constantly growing since its foundation, and expands boundaries of its activities in CIS countries, increases range of goods, and also its sales turnover in the Turkish market.

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