TERRA TEXTILE is a reliable partner in textile industry. For a long time we have been constantly improving our products. Based on traditions and prospects, we are building innovative textile future with our partners. We always respond flexibly to constantly changing market needs, and provide our customers with products and services that reflect the latest developments.

We offer:
Reliable on-site services.
Research and development in field of materials.

We work in international market, and traditionally import goods from Western and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Latin America. We also export technological equipment and spare parts for textile industry from Turkey and European countries.

Special yarns / acrylic yarn / Yarn for external fabrics / Thread for technical textiles / Yarn, ring winding / Yarn, rotor winding / Yarn fully synthetic / Industrial yarn / Yarn, polyamide filament / Polyester multifilaments (high strength) / Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) / Yarn for embroidery, technical / Cord fabric / polyester threads / weaving threads / thermoplastic granulate / polypropylene fiber / polyamide yarn.

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