TDS LLC, specialized in providing consulting services in field of investment, and ensuring effective business management, is one of few organizations that cooperate with international financial institutions and agencies.

The company is a direct representative of European investors, and provides services to attract investment in business projects of companies, both in fast-growing sectors of economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and companies with potential for development in the field of innovations. Improving investment climate in our country opens strategic “horizons” for both investors and state enterprises wishing to be privatized.

Investing today is a new impetus for business development, these are large-scale promising projects, which, nevertheless, are associated with certain risks for all involved parties.

TDS LLC specializes in design of internal and external power supply systems, and electrical equipment, as well as electrical installation and commissioning of facilities. We carry out the whole range of design work - from initial consultations - to completion of design documentation to the extent necessary for a customer. If necessary, we provide additional services to support the project.

Our advantage is an exceptional understanding of domestic market of technologies and design services, availability and desire of opportunity to attract the most experienced and advanced experts for all projects in all fields of technology of a project to achieve the maximum project efficiency.

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